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Posted: December 5, 2013 in Social media Update
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Everyday we come across hundreds of articles on Facebook. Out of those hundreds, a lot of articles flatter us with their catchy look and cheesey headings. But in this era of urbanisation, where technology is travelling in a bullet train, we hardly get time to read those full articles due to the busy schedule that we (have to) follow strictly.

Facebook Inc, a company that knows all about us, seems to understand our problem and thus is trying to develop a new way to help us read, share and enjoy all those lovely articles that we really want to go through.


The service is being referred to as the ” Save for Later ” option which will give us the access to offline reading of the shared link articles. This means that we can save all the content onto our device that are posted everyday on Facebook excessively.¬†

The company is testing this service and thus this feature is being acknowledged by some of the users in the mobile application. All the saved articles are listed next to the Facebook Apps block. So whenever a user clicks on the shared link article’s bookmark icon provided with the post, the article automatically moves to the offline reading folder, which can be accessed anytime as per your convenience.


Facebook is trying to grow its user engagement stats and thus is implementing a lot of changes that are content-driven. Few days back, the company added ” Stories to Share ” feature to all the new pages of the organisations.¬†Even the tweaking of the News Feed Algorithms was implemented so as to provide the high quality content to the user.

This makes it crystal clear that Facebook is making its content-driven approach real strong and thus this is going to help the users find better content, the publisher get acknowledged for their articles and at last generating maximum user interaction for the company itself.

Though this feature is already a part of apps like Instapaper and Pocket, but having it in Facebook’s app would be a different experience and the users would want it as soon as possible. So Facebook should think of implementing it this time .

Lets enjoy the world of social media which is becoming more and more efficient and effective as the time’s progressing.

Have a Good Day and Explore SM!!

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